President John Mahama Thursday reminded the Christian and Muslim faiths in Ghana that they have more work to do in producing and mentoring God fearing people.

He was addressing the official opening of the seventh General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian (EP) Church in Ho on the theme: “Go make disciples.”

President Mahama questioned the ascendency of indiscipline and moral decadence in the country in the midst of many more churches than before.

He said the churches must therefore fashion practical strategies to disseminate their messages to elicit attitudinal change among the citizenry and plant principles of moral uprightness in them.

President Mahama was critical of church leaders who use their positions of “power” over their congregations to promote their self interests and gratification and cause divisions among families by playing them against each other.

He noted that the EP Church since its establishment 168 years ago continue to hold the anchor in the word of God and giving good account of its spiritual, material and social mission.

President Mahama expressed happiness at moves by the EP Church, Ghana and the Global Evangelical Church (GEC) to reconcile after decades of antagonism. The two churches split over differences in the 1980s regarding the tenure of the Moderator and doctrinal issues.

The leaderships of the two Churches have been attending each others, General Assembly and Synod in recent times. A representative of the GEC was present at the official opening of this year’s General Assembly and delivered a solidarity message calling for staying the course towards reconciliation.

Right Reverend Dr Seth Senyo Agidi, Moderator of the General Assembly of the EP Church said the theme for the General Assembly “ is to convict and convert us in order to open our hearts to accept the peculiarities of our present day challenges, so as to engage our evangelism and discipleship with such a clarity in order to bring effectiveness rather than go in the way of our conservative typical, practical traditional views that seem to leave the EP Church out of the Discipleship equation in this contemporary time.”

He appealed to striking medical doctors to call off their month-long strike on humanitarian grounds and as a Christian example of selflessness and fellow feeling.


Source: GNA



In what has come as surprise to many Ghanaians, daughter of former first family, Dr Ezenator Rawlings, has abandon her mother’s National Democratic Party to contest the upcoming parliamentary primaries of the ruling National Democratic Congress in the Klottey Korle constituency.

Whiles executives of the NDP still regard the party as vibrant, with its founder and 2012 Flag bearer aspirant, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings still referring to the ruling party as corrupt and its members as thieves, many Ghanaians could not fathom why Dr Ezenator Rawlings would abandon her mum’s party and rather contest on the ticket of the ‘thieving’ ruling party.

Even though she has not officially announced her intension to contest the Klottey Korle seat on the ticket of the NDC, pollster and Managing Editor of Daily Dispatch, Ben Ephson has hinted Dr Ezenator would contest the seat on the ticket of the ruling party, adding that she stands a better chance of winning. Since the news of her possible candidature broke out, many Ghanaians have been questioning why the former first family’s medical-doctor-first daughter would opt for a party her parents have despise and painted as filthy corrupt and unfit to rule. Dr Ezanator’s mum, Nana Konadu, has persistently claimed the NDP was formed to prosecute the original principles of the NDC; probity, accountability and social justice.

A principle they (NDP) have accused the ruling NDC of having abandoned. Some have also suggested that Dr Ezenator, who was neck deep in her mother’s failed attempt to contest the 2012 elections, chose the NDC ahead of the NDP because the latter has been dormant for long and stands no chance of getting the kind of support needed to win a traditional and cosmopolitan constituency like Klottey Korle.

However, whiles pollster Ben Ephson and several others believe the former President’s daughter is likely to emerge victorious if she decides to contest, reports reaching this paper indicates that Dr Ezenator must prepare to have a ‘thick skin’ as some members of the NDC in the Klottey Korle constituency are scheming to kick against her ambition, through blackmail.

Reports indicate that some party activists in the constituency opposed to her bid have started pointing to her parent’s audacious bashing of the NDC, particularly under the leadership of the late President Mills, to slim her chances of grabbing the Klottey Korley parliamentary candidate slot. ‘The Today’ Newspaper last week reported of how some constituents are warning Dr Ezenator to abort her dream of contesting in the Klottey Korle constituency primaries or risk paying for the “sins” of her parents.

According to the reports, some of the constituents believe the move by Ezanetor Rawlings to contest the Klottey Korle, is an attempt by former President Rawlings to retake control or hijack the party through the backdoor after neglecting the party, particularly during the 2012 elections. “The former president never mounted the platform to campaign for us,” one party member was quoted to have said. “With her mother being the leader of the National Democratic Party (NDP) and her father showing less commitment to the NDC in recent times, how can their daughter claim to be a loyal member of party?” the paper quoted a source to have questioned.

Meanwhile, information reaching The aL-hAJJ indicate that some party activists in the Klottey Korle constituency have intensified their campaign to get the incumbent, Nii Armah Ashittey, replaced in the event he decides to seek reelection. There are also reports that, just as news of Ezenator’s possible bid is creating confusion amongst NDC members in the constituency, the Ridge and Adjirigano residences of the former first family is also boiling as Mr Rawlings and his wife, Nana Konadu, are said to be sharply divided over which party their daughter should prosecute her political ambition. While sources close to them say Nana Konadu has kicked against her daughter’s decision to mount her parliamentary ambition on the ticket of NDC, her husband, Mr Rawlings, is said to have blessed his daughter’s decision to dine with the ruling party.

Sources say Nana Koandu is not against Ezenator’s decision to leave the medical field in pursuit of political career, but “her only problem is the party on whose ticket she has decided to contest. Madam (Nana Konadu) thinks the daughter should have opted for the NDP instead of NDC, especially when she was with her during her bid to contest the 2012 elections on the ticket of NDP…I can tell you that Madam (Nana Konadu) is not happy at all…she feels her daughter has betrayed her.”

Source: The Al-Hajj



The Electoral Commission (EC) has stated in categorical terms that it will not bow to pressure from any political party in the matter relating to sanctity of the voters' register.

Mrs Charlotte Osei said this at a press conference after an Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting with the various political parties to deliberate on calls for changes to be made to the current voters’ register.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) revealed at a press conference this week that about 76,000 foreigners are on the country's voter register. The party petitioned the EC to compile a new register because the one compiled in 2012 lacks integrity.

The governing National Democratic Congress dismissed the concerns raised and requests made by the NPP.

This necessitated an IPAC meeting Friday to deal with the issues. The EC has asked the various political parties to submit their concerns with the register by September 22, 2015.

It also gave all political parties a December 31, 2015 deadline to meet the requirements of the Political Party’s Act concerning the required number of offices each party must have.

She said “I will crack the whip on any party that fails to meet the requirement after this deadline".

In response to whether or not the EC will contact its Togolese counterparts to verify the NPP’s claims, Mrs Osei said the party would have to prove the authenticity of their document.

Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Kofi Portuphy, is also making a strong case for the rejection of calls for a review of the register.

He argues that the funding of the new voters’ register will be expensive and the country does not have money to do that.