The Right Reverend Titus K. Awotwi Pratt, the in-coming Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Ghana has said that no sane society will propagate same sex marriage as being legitimate.

He said the only means to sustain humanity is through the fertilisation of the female egg by the male’s sperm to initiate procreation. “This procreation principle runs through all living creatures”.

Rt Rev. Awotwi-Pratt made the remarks in an exhortation to the planning committee of the impending Tema-Ashaiman Gospel Crusade at its meeting in Tema on Monday.

He explained that marriage as defined by the scriptures and the African culture was a lifelong bond between a man and a woman purposely for procreation and continuance of human-kind.

“Unfortunately, same-sex couples only focus and depend on the personal sexual gratification against the natural principle of procreation,” he said to prevent any further spread of “such dangerous” liberalist theologies, he pleaded: “Let us in Ghana, in our poverty, uphold and preserve our God-given human dignity and self-respect than to succumb to “mammon” and its attendant opulence and liberalism”.

He directed another appeal to African heads of states to “remain resolute and not be enticed with the hard convertible currencies to capitulate. It is, therefore, incumbent on our national leaders to serve faithfully and seek the development in our countries. We can do away with foreign aid which come to support our national budget.

African leaders should aim at developing and improving our economies for self sufficiency and sustenance”. Rev. John Kwesi Darku, Executive Director (Africa) of CFAN, assured churches in Tema and Ashaiman that like all CFAN crusades, the December gathering was intended to populate the churches not just for the beauty of it, but aimed at changed hearts. “We want your churches to be bursting at the seams.

We are here to harvest the souls so that your cathedrals will expand to make room for the resultant harvest. This is a crusade to touch the hearts of prostitutes, drug addicts, homosexuals and same-sex couples,” he said.



The Wisconsin University was almost closed down Friday by the Ghana Revenue Authority’s taskforce due to unpaid taxes in excess of GHC600,000.

According to the GRA, the university has failed to pay its taxes from 2010 to 2013. Starr FM’s Osei Owusu Amankwaah who was with the taskforce reported that the chairman of the university's council Justice Dotse and board chair Dr Emmanuel Owusu signed an undertaken to pay 50% of the arrears August 24.

The GRA is embarking on an operation to lock up all companies that are in tax arrears. The task force was set up August 3, 2013 and has visited 324 delinquent tax payers and have retrieved about GHC12.4 million for the state.

The taskforce, however, sealed the offices of Margins ID Systems for owing Gh¢2,095,387.06 from July 2013 while the International Energy Insurance Company had its premises locked for owing well over GHC1.3 million.